Ankang National HTZ General Situation

Time:2017-11-08 16:54       Author:Anonymity       CopyFrom:AnkHTZ

Ankang HTZ is 2015 Sep 29th through sate council give an official establish nation high tech technology industrial development zone, implement active nation high tech technology industrial development zone policy, enjoy prefecture level city.

Ankang nation HTZ follow the innvation diven of strategy development, according to the requirments of layout concentration, industral agglomeration, use land intensive, distinctive features, moderate scate and complete improvement, base on scientific developments, focus on independent innovation, improve the system mechanism, forces forge technical progress and enchance capability of independent innovation the important carrier, drive regional economic structyre adjust and economic development way change powerful engine, high tech enterprises “going out” service platform to participate in international competition, seize the world high-tech technology industry commanding height forward position, hosting the hanbin district 30 administrative villages and district population of about 120 thousand people, add up compliance and various regulations(regulations) more than 100, promote more than 1000 projects counstruction, recommend various enterprises 600 enterprises, the mian economic speed up throughout overtop the city’s more than 10 percentage points. Meanwhile, according to the construction standard of sponge city, more than 50 skeleton road networks, sewage disposal work, thansformer substation and natural gas stations work, transformer substation and natural gas stations work, transformer substation and natural gas stations built simultaneously, nine conmunities, three theme park, three people square, high-tech hospital, high-tech international middle school and more than 20 primary schools hve been put into operation, the successful forge of leading Qinba green developments, boosting industral transformation and upgrading new materials, on line and offline trading, drive the modern logistics Qin, Chu, Chuan and Yu, high technical content, advanced manufacturing with strong competition, highlighting the features of Qinba area, satisfied difference consumer group fu’xi biology, complete factor, high grade modern sevice and load bearing Qinba accelerate development, optimize regional industral layout “enclave economy”, “six gather areas”, parking convenience is basically formed, effcient and unblocked urban traffic, shopping concentration, popular modern business, synchronous housing demand, accord with medical support fusing ecological livable, brilliant teachers, the masses look forward to quality education, advanced hospital facilities, medical service satisfied medical health, attract public inclusion, drive the whole people body building sports, ecological beauty, manifest characteristic cultural tourism, strong regional characteristics, fit leisure food for vacation, gathering weath, headquarters financial enterpreneurship showing quality, fruitful achievements in innovation, information service perfect science and technology research and development “ten functional circles”, so that high-tech zones have become the core landmark of city integration in southern shaanxi, China west the preferred place for investment.