Deputy mayor Yang miao investigation in Ankang HTZ

Time:2021-09-17 14:53       Author:Anonymity       CopyFrom:AnkHTZ

Sep 14th, deputy mayor Yang miao led to municipal government office, development and reform, finance, business, attract investment others department relevant head investigate the development and operation of foreign trade enterprises in Ankang HTZ. Ankang HTZ party committee member, administrative committee director Xu xinxuan accompany.

Deputy mayor Yang miao to Ankang Chao meite limited company and Shaan'xi Xin zhuo science and technology limited company, go deep into the product exhibition platform and production workshop,listen to the introduction of the person in charge of the enterprise, learn more about the enterprise's production and operation, logistics and transportation, product R & D, enterprise financing and put forward requirements and guiding opinions and suggestions on solving the existing problems and accelerating the development of the enterprise on site.